Video Interview Adrian Sitaru

Cristi Puiu, Corneliu Porumboiu, Cristian Mungiu – Romanian directors with whom the Romanian New Wave was born. With their black humour and minimalist style these makers pointed out the life, corruption and the stagnation of post-Ceausescu Romania. Director Ardrian Sitaru is clearly one of them; his provoking Ilegitim is said to be the Festen of Eastern Europe.


The Anghelescu family, father and gynaecologist Victor and his four grown-up children, have just finished enjoying a meal together. They all seem perfectly comfortable with each other, until one of the kids brings up the father’s record during the Communist regime. Is it true that he used to inform on women who were attempting to terminate unwanted pregnancies? Victor not only confirms that the accusations were true, but also refuses to be defensive about it. He insists the only reason for his conduct was purely moral.

The difference of opinions – for it is obvious that his children cannot go along with him – soon degenerates into pandemonium…

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