Willem de Kooning x Roffa Mon Amour

In the last few months, we’ve been busy collaborating with the first-year audiovisual design bachelor students of Willem de Kooning on a vibrant assignment. We asked them to create a trailer that shows the beauty of arthouse cinema and that can attract a young audience to go to arthouse films/festivals/events. We think that before convincing people that are not familiar with arthouse cinema to come to Roffa Mon Amour, we have to first show the beauty and excitement of these kinds of films. 

We are amazed by the cinematic videos that the students produced and we’re happy to show you the final results! The video from Tijmen Snoep stood out for its creativity and excellence and we’re happy to announce that it will be screened at Roffa Mon Amour 2023!

Congrats to all the students and enjoy these beautiful videos!

Tijmen Snoep


Abel van Essen


“When I watch an arthouse film on the silver screen, I am making memories with these characters in the film. With the video Captured in Eternity I wanted to portray a group of young people (18-25) creating these unforgettable memories. Just like when you are watching an arthouse film in the cinema.”


Amalia Villacis Miranda


“My goal with this was to show that when one watches arthouse films, we begin to see their beauty in real life. In this video, the character receives a tool to see their world through the lens of two arthouse directors’ styles.”


Houwert Veerkamp


“Reflect your image and see through color at Roffa Mon Amour!”


Mette Steenbergen


“In ‘different lens, same experience’ we follow three young adults figuring out their own ways in the city. However, they are not alone in these struggles, and can feel recognition in arthouse film by going to the Roffa Mon Amour festival.”


Nyx Tapu


“One of the best parts about arthouse is that it has no borders. Once you start to watch arthouse films, subtitles are no longer an issue and you get to experience cultures from all around the world.”


Niels Lockhorst